Catalog Design

Catalogue design and printing is unquestionably a specialist business; it calls for a high level of design experience and technical ability, it doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned professional or you’re just starting out on your first product/services catalogue, you want to be confident you can call on experienced designers and printers to guide you through the process.

You need the services of people who know through experience about the pitfalls you face; how to ensure your catalogue meets or better still surpasses your expectations; that it will be delivered on time and, most importantly, it will be on budget.

As an experienced and highly creative design company, Circleline Design has the knowledge and knowhow to produce catalogues that will get your business, products and services noticed in what is likely to be a busy and competitive marketplace. That said, we still need to rely on the support of specialist printers to make sure every catalogue we produce is of the highest possible quality. We are proud of our reputation in this business and can offer you a full service from design concepts to finished print-ready artwork as well as managing all stages of print including pre-press, proofing and finally the print and finishing process.

Preparing your approved artwork prior to going to print involves what is called ‘pre-press’. It is at this point things can go horribly wrong, very easily. Especially if the project is being handled by relatively inexperienced designers working with printers who perhaps will give them the best prices rather than the best quality.

For example, when client files are being prepared ready to be passed for print it is so easy to overlook essential checks such as ensuring the artwork is in the correct CMYK format (colour separations); that all fonts have been embedded and that sufficient allowance has been made for bleed (graphics, colour or images are to bleed off the page when it’s finally trimmed to size), such mistakes, if unchecked are costly to put right once the job goes on press and, if missed altogether, can ruin the finished catalogue.

At Circleline we work with the very latest software programs and our printers carry out their own ‘flight check’ procedures to make sure nothing is left unchecked. It’s why we are confident that every step of the process; from artwork to pre-press and through to printing and finishing will be a smooth and worry-free operation.

Finally, if you’re thinking of investing in a product/services catalogue it’s vital you are thorough in preparing the content; if you’re including prices make sure they are sustainable for the expected lifetime of the catalogue, take time to ensure all product descriptions are correct and up-to-date, that you use only the best quality illustrations (we will ensure they are of high enough resolution for perfect reproduction) and, if it is to be an all-year-round sales catalogue, avoid using seasonal images that might look out of place.

Remember, it can take some months rather than weeks to put together a comprehensive catalogue, so allow sufficient time to fully consider the content, the design style and the look and feel of the printed document. It’s not impossible to achieve a fast turnaround but what really matters is that it truly reflects the quality of your business, your products and your services. When you’re confident you are ready to talk business, we’ll be delighted to talk to you.