Improve SEO by optimising your landing pages

A landing page is a web page that a visitor reaches after clicking on an advert or link. The page should contain information about the product and/or service that has been mentioned within that piece of text. Any page that you want a visitor to be drawn to and visit can be a landing page.

It is important to consider what you would like the “calls of action” to be on your landing page once the visitor has arrived there. Would you like them to purchase a certain product? Help them learn more about the product or service? or to contact you for further information?. All the relevant information of that particular product/service should be within that landing page. There will need to be a different landing page for each goal. For example if Circleline Design were to place an ad on Google advertising web design, we would want our landing page to be our Web Design page where the visitor will find our web design case studies. It’s very important that the landing page matches that of your ad or link. Potential customers could be lost if this information isn’t correct.

The landing page should provide all the information the visitor will need and is searching for on that one page without them having to go through the all of your website, this will significantly impact on your conversion rate. Your landing page should also be filled with keywords about your product, a relevant Page Title and maybe internal links to other pages on your site that is connected with the product/service on this page.

What to include on your Landing Page

The Landing page should include focused and relevant information of that particular product. Images, PDFs and video clips also help when optimising a landing page, new content should be added on a regular basis to encourage returning visitors. The purpose of your landing page is to ultimately lead to a “calls to action”, either encouraging the visitor to contact you with an enquiry or to click a button to download a brochure or to purchase a product if you have an E.commerce website.

The page should catch the visitors attention, so use catchy titles and a mixture of images and text within the page. Make sure all links on page work and all PDFs open and there are no spelling mistakes. Here is a short list of what you should include on your landing page.
Keyword rich Page Title
A catchy heading/sub heading
A “calls to action” section
Informative and keyword rich content
Links to other pages within your site

Remember that “content is king” so make sure your content is relevant to your service/product, make it interesting, readers may want to share this with their followers and it also must contain keywords.

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