Informational Websites

A good example of an information website is It provides excellent value to it’s visitors and has a contact form. This is as complex as an information site will get, there is no advanced forms, checkout process or complicated interaction with the visitor.

Information Site Layout

The goal of most information sites is to provide the visitor with the easiest way to digest your content, this is why layout is so important when creating an informational site. We take care to make sure that the content is easy to read and navigate to when designing and developing your site. One thing to keep in mind when thinking about your site is whether or not you have a goal of the site. Is it to provide the information needed to then contact you or is providing the information the goal itself.

Information Site Conversion

Although the word conversion is normally used in the terms of ecommerce, we like to use it on any website. A conversion to us is put in rather simple terms, “When a user visits your website and does what you want them to do”, it doesn’t need to get any more complicated than that. For informational sites a conversion could mean a visitor comes to your site, finds the content they wanted to read and then leaves, this could be enough. A conversion could also mean the visitor comes to the website, reads the content and then gets in touch with yourselves. We will discuss with you and determine what the conversion will be for your site and then work that into the design.

Information Site Design

The design of an information site is key to achieving all of what was previously mentioned. A good conversion rate, easy to navigate, easy to digest content and load the information quickly for the user. If the design is too weak the user could leave before they even start to read your content, if on the other hand the design is overly complicated it will get in the way of the content and distract the user, making them frustrated. We take all of this into account when designing