New Digital Marketing trends for 2014

Digital Marketing trends constantly change year on year depending on new technologies, platforms and tools. Last year marketeers had to change their marketing strategies to suit the ever changing Google Algorithm and get to grips with the popularity of Social Media and how it works hand in hand with SEO.
So, what’s new for 2014?

Digital marketing trends for 2014

Digital Trends for 2014


Online retailers will always be seeking to increase their online sales and provide a good shopping experience. As we move into the era of mobile commerce or Mcommerce, we will see many sites being redesigned for mobile commerce. Some predict that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop usage in 2014.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design which has become hugely popular not only with Ecommerce sites but other informational websites too, will continue to increase in popularity in 2014.
A website that is built responsively will adjust accordingly to the screen size you are viewing it on.

Content Marketing

As they say and have always said for a few years now ‘Content is King’ and this will certainly continue in 2014.
It is so important to produce content that engages your audience; some companies are now hiring Content Marketing Managers to take up this responsibility.

So what do we mean by Content Marketing?

Examples of Content Marketing:

Social Media
Articles on website

Social Media

Social media will continue to grow in 2014, with Social Media networks such as Google+ and Pinterest continuing to grow.

Using social media posts in a visual form such as infographics and images has been proven to get more likes, shares and comments.┬áPeople don’t like it when you are too ‘salesy’ with your posts, so engage with your customers – get their opinions on products and ask questions, you want to try and get people to share your posts so give them good quality content. You will be awarded by search engines when content is shared on social media.