Ongoing Website Maintenance

We like to build strong working relationships with our clients. Without achieving a good working relationship it can be difficult to get amendments/changes carried out on your website. Ongoing website maintenance is often over looked by a lot of web agencies and can leave customers frustrated once they have their new site but have nobody to contact.

Ad-hoc Work

We always keep in contact with our customers once we have finished their project and offer ongoing maintenance on an ad-hoc basis. If you need additional work done to your website, please contact us. We will only charge for what work is done and not a monthly fee. We will try our very best to complete the work within a few days (depending on the project size). What we can’t always guarantee is that the work will be done there and then, but then neither can any good web agency.

Monthly Retainers

For clients who need a lot of development work on a regular basis, we can work with you on a monthly retainer and guarantee development time during the month. This is important for clients who know that every month they will want time spent on developing their website further.

Content Creation Packages

We can also take over the creation of some of your content, for example your blog or website content. Our content creation packages can be altered to fit your needs and help you keep your website fresh up to date and work in generating new visitors to your site.

If you would like to find out more about a new website project or work with us on your existing website, please contact us.