Report & Accounts Design/Print Production

In any public limited company the ‘Annual Report & Accounts’ is without doubt the single most important document issued each year.

Not only is it critical to get the facts and figures contained in the document absolutely correct, and verified by independent auditors, it is extremely important that the quality of the design, the layout in terms of what is required by law and last but by no means least the print and finishing reflects well on the business and is able to match the aspirations of the shareholders.

Typically, the quantity of documents required tends to be in between 2,000 and 5,000, but is very much dependent on the size of the business and the number of shareholders. Production budgets however can vary greatly, but as a showcase document the standard set is always to achieve the highest possible level of presentation – it naturally calls for the skills of specialist designers and printers.

Circleline design & Print Services has over 25 years continuous experience in the production of Report & Accounts for some of the biggest and most successful independent co-operative societies in the UK, including the Heart of England, East of England and Chelmsford Star co-operative societies.

We like to be involved with the project at the earliest possible opportunity, to really get a feel for the content, not just how well the society has performed financially but equally important from the membership’s viewpoint, what they have achieved within the community and their support of local charities. Often that can have a considerable bearing on the theme of presentation.

With a document as important as the Annual Report & Accounts, the quality of print and finishing has to be of the highest level. There will be a vast choice of materials available to you and we always like to provide a selection of ‘mock-ups’ for you to consider. There are very few limits to the type of materials that can be used.

Gloss, matt and silk coated stock tends to be the standard choice but uncoated or textured papers can look and feel pretty special too. The same can be said about heavier weight boards which are typically used for the document cover. UV varnish, lamination, die cutting, embossing and even 3D printing can all offer a uniquely different look and add that extra wow factor to the finished document. Whatever you require, Circleline Design & Print Services will manage the project every step of the way, from first brief to the finished printed document delivered on-time and most importantly, on budget.

If you are looking to get design done for your Report & Accounts, then please contact us.