The new Top Level Domain Names

*New Domain names available this week*


Not heard of the new Top Level Domain Names yet? Don’t worry we are sure that you will find out more about them very soon as they are expected to be released from November 2013 and some Top Level Domain names are available to purchase now.

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is an address that people use on the internet for websites or email. It’s a string of characters that make up a company name or something to describe their business or a person’s name. An example of a domain name is

What are the new Top Level Domain Names? (nTLDs)

Top Level Domain Names

Top Level Domain Names

There are currently 22 generic Top Level Domain Names (gTLDs), ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) the governing body that oversees the public domain system approved a plan a few years ago to increase by hundreds of available new top-level domains. It is the biggest change to domain names since the creation of .com 25 years ago.

Domain Names that you most probably will be familiar with are, .com, .org and .net. The new addresses that will become available soon will include some of the following: .london .hotel .blog .sport .music these domain names have the potential to better describe your business and increase your brand awareness.

Top Level Domain Names are a way of standing out from the crowd and sets your brand apart from the web. They will also help with SEO with improvements with search engine ranking. Businesses will have a far greater choice of available domain names whereas before it may have been difficult for them to get the domain name for their business.

How do I order my Top Level Domain Name

You will need to check to see if your Domain Name is available, after that you can pre-order your domain name and if it’s available it will work on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. Some domain names like .builders .careers and .kitchen are available but HURRY these are going fast.

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