Why print marketing is still being used

It may be hard to believe but the printing industry is bigger than the automotive industry, online advertising industry and the video gaming industry and 1 million printers are still manufactured daily.

Why print marketing is still be used

Why print marketing is still being used

Did you know? Things are read 10-30% faster on paper. With Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest etc. taking over the way in which we market our products, it seemed that the printing industry was going to suffer as more and more businesses were switching to digital marketing. Most businesses concentrate their efforts on marketing on the web because of its cost effectiveness. Some businesses however, still say that leaflet distribution, local newspaper advertising and direct mailing are still among the most effective of marketing strategies as they can reach niche audiences by carefully targeting their market.

Using print and digital marketing together

Marketeers have realised that joining together print and digital marketing could potentially reach out to a larger audience. QR codes are being used in conjunction with printed media and they are used on all sorts of printed materials from flyers, business cards and catalogues to banners and t-shirts, customers are now expecting immediate response and QR Codes are a great way to utilise this. It has been proven that the addition of QR Codes on printed material increases business.
Marketing through brochures and leaflets etc. can help create a long lasting, memorable campaign on a small budget. Small business that target local companies have found that print marketing campaigns have proved to be very successful when it comes to winning new clients.
Did you know? 96% of news reading is still in print
You may have a fair argument if you said that digital marketing is more environmentally friendly than print marketing but changes have now been made to make the printing industry more green;
Many print products are produced using recycled paper
Many printing companies use recycled ink
For every tree that is cut down by the printing industry, three more are planted
Digital versions of reading materials produce more CO2 emissions than a printed version.

Printing marketing can be just as effective as digital marketing and there is no longer a need to worry about the effect it could have on the environment.