Building your business online

Building your business online

Building your business online

According to a research report done in 2012, 60% of small businesses do not have an online presence.
Your potential customers will be online 24/7 so you will want to make your business as accessible as possible for them to find you, this will mean having a website. Remember that your website is your online shop front so you want to make a great impression.

Get to know your audience

Find out where your customers spend time online and research keywords people use to find your site. Research customer demographic such as gender, age, location and also their income as you will need this information when writing the content for your website.

Website content

How your content is written will depend on who your audience is; a website that is primarily for teenagers will have a different format to that for a website for business professionals. The content on your website will need to be relevant to your business and free from any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Interact with your audience by asking questions and encouraging feedback.
Be consistent across your website, make sure that all pages are styled the same and we would recommend using just one person to write the content for your site. Choose a memorable domain name and associate all email addresses with this domain name as this will come across more professional. Create links to your website from other resources such as social media platforms and work in corporation with other big brands and get them to link to your website. Use testimonials on your website, these are a great way to promote your business; people trust other people’s recommendations.

Social Media

Use social media to market your brand and find the best social media platforms for your customer pool as not all of the Social Media sites will be suitable for your brand. Be consistent across all your social media platforms use the same logo and profile picture and make sure all descriptions of your company is the same.

I think that you will agree that you would want your website to show in Google’s listings and the best way to achieve this is to employ a SEO strategy. This means that your website will need to be SEO friendly; check that your website has page titles, image titles, keywords and meta description tags. To find out more about how we can help increase your brand awareness online and through print and also how we can help with SEO and Social Media, please call us on 01502 712800 or visit our Social Media section.