A Facebook Tutorial

How to set up Facebook

Facebook has become the number one personal connection platform online with 500 million hours are spent on Facebook each month.

Setting up an account on Facebook is very easy and it’s free! just go to www.facebook.com fill in your personal details and your Facebook page will be created. Once you have set up a Facebook personal account you can now create a Facebook business page

Creating a Facebook Page

For a Facebook tutorial on how to set up a Facebook business page, please download our ‘starter guide to social media marketing’ booklet. This will guide you through on everything you need to know about how to set up Facebook pages and how you can make it a success for your business.

Facebook Likes

When somebody ‘likes’ your Facebook page they will be able to follow your posts and updates. It can be quite hard in building up ‘likes’ to your Facebook page, so our advice is to tell as many people as you can to like your page. Invite friends, post your Facebook link on Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin and also add it to your business cards, letterheads and email signatures. You can also promote your Facebook page to build up your likes and buy Facebook fans this can be done by setting a daily budget and a target audience. Your page will then be promoted on Facebook to a large audience to encourage them to like your Facebook fan page.

Facebook Posts

Facebook posts need to be engaging to capture your audiences attention, so that they interact with your page. The more interaction your page has the better chance it has in being seen by many more people which will also help to rank your website higher in the the search engines. The type of content that should be posted is; images, questions, links and videos. Using a variety of content will make your page more interesting to your fans and maybe potential customers. To find out more about creating a good post for your Facebook please have a read of ‘Build your audience with the perfect Social Media post’ – one of our recent blogs.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a way of a sharing things with a select group of people/members. The types of groups that can be created are; groups for pupils for individual schools, groups for people with similar interests such as social media, baking etc. Groups can also be set up for people within a local area, within this group local people can recommend local businesses to use or give advice on business related topics. Once you have set up a group and given it a name you can then invite friends to become apart of that Facebook group.

Facebook Ads

There maybe a time when you have a product or service that you would like to promote to reach a far bigger audience, this can be done by creating Facebook Ads. This works pretty much in the same way as Google ads work. An advert is created from you Facebook profile which will need to include a title, a description about your product or service and the link to a page that gives more information to the reader. A daily budget can then be set of how much you would like to spend per day promoting the advert and other factors can also be set such as target audience and target area etc. Your Facebook advert will be shown on your target audience’s Facebook page as a sponsored story.

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