Content Management Systems

A content management system explains itself quite nicely. It is a system which allows you to manage your own content, without needing to know HTML. The benefit of having a content management system is that it allows you to edit the content and get it exactly how you want it. You are the expert on your business, so editing your own content makes more sense than a developer.

Another benefit of editing your own content is that you do not need to pay a developer to make text or image changes, you can do them yourself.

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WordPress is used by millions of websites and is the largest open source blogging tool in the world. The reason it is used so widely is because of how easy it is to edit your content and how quick it is to get started. Most people don’t know this but WordPress is a lot more powerful than just for blogging. You can combine some great plugins to achieve a well managed and content rich website.

WordPress is our recommended CMS, the clients we have that use it find it very easy and quick to navigate and enjoy editing their own content. All of your content can be separated into content boxes which make it easy to edit. The quick admin area also allows you to make changes to the appearance, users of the site and general settings. We have years of experience using WordPress and can make the most of how powerful it really is.


Drupal is a solid content management system, it has a lot of features and can be extended to create powerful websites with huge amounts of content. Drupal can be a little too much for your standard website so we only advise our clients to go for Drupal if it is really necessary. The majority of the websites we build are better of using WordPress.


Joomla is a great content management system for those who like to have control over their own plugins and modules. Joomla is on par with WordPress and is great if you are looking at an ecommerce solution tied into Joomla. We would recommend our clients go for WordPress or Drupal before Joomla as the plugins and hooks can become over complicated for users.


Sometimes all you need is a small area to edit a news post or update small information. For smaller management of content we can build something bespoke to fit your needs, generally speaking you would be better off using a content management system as it is widely supported and continually updated with security fixes.

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