Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce is growing and growing and shows very little signs of stopping, especially now as mobile commerce is on the increase.. If you have thought about opening your own ecommerce website, now is the time to do it. It can take a little while to get an ecommerce site off the ground and get visitors going through the checkout process, so starting early is the key. Ecommerce sites need to be clearly structured and show as many products as possible to the user without being disorientating.

When designing ecommerce sites we like to go with a few first concept designs and then move ahead with the chosen design. This allows us to pick parts of the design which we think would work really well for your specific business.

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WooCommerce Development

For ecommerce sites we highly recommend WooCommerce, it’s a great addition to WordPress and works perfectly (if you know how to develop it correctly). We recommend WooCommerce because of the huge community behind it and it has regular updates, keeping it secure and stable.

We develop the theme specifically for WooCommerce from our own theme that we have developed over time, this is then used as the base or wireframe for the site which we then hand code to create the html and CSS for the theme.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is a great platform for ecommerce websites, it has a lot of functionality and can be fairly quick to get together, once you have the drupal site up and running. We tend not to recommend drupal commerce unless you are looking to convert your current drupal site into an ecommerce site. The reason we don’t recommend drupal commerce is purely because we have found WooCommerce a lot easier for users and WordPress to be far easier for users than Drupal.

Product Management

One thing which is key for an ecommerce website is to be able to manage your own products and categorise those products. Stock levels, pricing and descriptions change all the time, relying on a developer to change your products is not the best way forward. Editing your own products is quicker, more accurate (because you know your products and business) and potentially more cost effective than hiring a developer to change content.

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