New Facebook Insights, what’s it all about?

Facebook has recently announced an update to the page insights, if you are unable to see the changes at the moment they have said that all pages will see this change by the end of the Summer. The reasons for this? To make the Insights more actionable (or so Facebook says) they hope that it will help businesses to understand what insights are all about and how they can use these statistics to help drive better results.

Blog: New Facebook Insights, what's it all about?

New Facebook Insights, what’s it all about?

What effect will these changes have?

Do we really know why we have Facebook insights and do we care or are we just concerned about how many ‘likes’ our business page has?

Well… if you are serious about increasing your brand awareness it should in fact be more about the popularity of a post, how many users a particular post reaches and the percentage of the people who have created a story from your page post (this can be a like, comment or a share). This way you can then work out what posts are doing well and which ones aren’t.

The old insights

Overview – An overview of all your page’s insights

Number of posts – total amount of posts your page published on a particular day

People talking about this – people who have created a story from your post, i.e. liked, shared, commented

Weekly total reach – The number of unique people (not fans) who have seen any content associated with your page

Likes – a fan of your page who likes what they see so would like to receive regular updates of your business on their newsfeed. The likes insights tell you the gender and age of your fans, what city and country they are from and where they have come from, i.e. from a recommended post, from someone else’s timeline or from the pop up window.

Reach – how your business page reaches people;

  • organically – newsfeed
  • paid – from an ad or sponsored story
  • viral – from a friends page

The new insights

People talking about us (PTAT) measured how many people were liking, sharing or commented on your page and this was built as one metric. Facebook have decided to split this metric into 5 different insights;

  • page likes
  • people engaged
  • page tags and metrics
  • page checkins
  • other interactions on page

Facebook virality metric has also changed, before it measured when someone liked, commented or shared a post but it now measures when someone clicks on the post.

Individual post insights

You can now find out more about how an individual post has engaged users. In the ‘post’ metrics you can click on an individual post and it will give you information on how many people your post has reached, likes. comments or shares, how many people clicked on this post and any negative feedback. Other type of information the new insights will give you is when your fans are online and the best post types.

It seems that Circleline fans engage more with photos then they do normal posts.

People Engaged

A new way of telling you not only the age, gender and country of people you have reached but also who you have engaged and not just your fans.

Facebook is hopeful that with these new insights, marketeers will be able to make use of these statistics and be able to tell which posts engage more people and the best time of day to post an update.

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