Coroporate Literature Design

The reputation of a company is one of its most valued assets. It’s essential therefore that your target audience as well as your own members of staff understand and know exactly what your business is about.

Corporate literature – your brochures, newsletters, product manuals, folders, booklets, internal documents, forms and stationery – should leave your customers in no doubt they are dealing with a well organised and professional business. You must ‘fly the flag’ so to speak by ensuring everything that bears your brand is disciplined and reflects the required level of service and quality.

It’s also essential that your corporate literature promotes a clear message, is easy to understand and appeals to your target audience. Once you’ve created your unique brand, it needs to work comfortably within a defined format and be supported by a strong typographic style, also your logo should always be be positioned consistently on all printed matter. The choice of colour/s is important too; research has clearly shown that consumers identify colour before a company name or symbol. So you need to choose wisely and there must be a consistent quality of print throughout all your literature.

There’s certainly a lot to think about and a lot of responsibility too. Mistakes can be costly, so no doubt you’ll find it reassuring to know Circleline Design and Print Services can effectively manage the whole process for you.

We find most of our long established clients prefer to work with us on an ‘all inclusive’ basis, thereby utilising our experience and expertise to take control of the process at every step of the way; starting with original concepts, design and artwork production; this is followed by proof checking and ensuring correct colour matching of all elements on press, avoiding any fluctuation in the quality of print or variation in the reproduction of your corporate colours. Last but not least, even with the tightest deadlines our aim is always to deliver on time and on budget.

It is also good to know that all our preferred print suppliers are recognised within the industry as being environmentally friendly companies; they hold FSC certification as well as the environmental accreditation ISO 14001.