Web Banners

One thing often overlooked by website design agencies is the use of a good web banner. Web banners are still a great way to introduce a strong ‘call to action’ on to your page. One of the trends at the moment is large rotating web banners, these are great for displaying important messages on a website but we recommend only have two maybe three at the most. Once you go past three the performance of the fourth banner is reduced so much that is not worth maintaining on the site. One thing we recommend to businesses with a strong single conversion is to have one well designed web banner.

Call To Action Banner

A ‘call to action’ is when you call out to the visitor on your website to make an action within the site and web banners are great for this. We recommend using web banners when you have strong calls to action you want the user to see. When we design the web banners we always keep in mind conversion rate and the overall goal of the banner itself.

Web Banner Design

Generally speaking most web banners are a single graphic, and because of this the banner needs to make sure that it doesn’t over do the message on the banner. In some cases the size of the banner can be a little over the top for just a straight forward message, this needs to be kept in mind when designing a banner. If this is the case then combining the banner with a message (without a call to action) is a great way to make the most out of the space on your website.

Web Messages & Notices

Web banners don’t always have to include a strong call to action, sometimes just the visitor viewing the banner is enough to achieve what you want to achieve. This is important on websites where you might want to let the user know that there is currently a sale on (and there is a product listing below). By letting the user know that there is currently a sale on is enough to push them into a call to action else where on the site.

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