Payment Gateway Options

A payment gateway describes itself fairly well, it is a way to receive payment from customers through a website which will then eventually get paid into a bank account. A payment gateway is only needed if you sell products or services on your website for customers to purchase. The website doesn’t need to be a full ecommerce site with multiple products, it could be simply taking payment for a ticketed event or a charity donation.

There are a lot of options available to you for payment gateways, sometimes the payment gateway you use will depend on who you bank with.

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Sage Pay

Sage Pay is one of the largest payment gateway providers in the UK, it handles a lot of transactions and can work very well for your website. The development time for Sage Pay works out to be a lot longer than Paypal because it uses the customers credit card details as opposed to just an email address.


Paypal is one of the most popular payment gateway providers, it used to be eBay so most visitors will have a paypal account. The reason it is so popular is because of the rapid development time compared to using sagepay and the fact that users feel more secure putting in their email address as opposed to their credit card details. Paypal also provide quite a few different options for integrating with your website.


Barclays offer a ePDQ system for people who already bank with Barclays and (currently) for those who do not as well. Barclays is similar to Sage Pay in that it takes the customers card details and securely does a transaction directly on their card. Barclays can be a little more difficult to get up and running compared to Sage Pay and especially Paypal.

We initially recommend going with Paypal as there is no monthly cost and the transactions fees aren’t too expensive. With larger ecommerce sites making quite a few sales, Sage Pay will take over as the choice of payment provider as their monthly cost helps brings down the cost of single transactions fees.

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