Press Advert Design

Buying advertising space in national or local newspapers and magazines can be extremely expensive – especially recruitment advertising – however, used wisely it can present your products or services to potentially an enormous audience. Whilst the use of the national press can yield amazing results, it remains the domain of more major businesses with budgets to match. Regional newspaper advertising rates however can be within the reach of even the smallest businesses.

Regardless of the area in which your business is based, you can pretty much guarantee one or more of the nationwide network of newspaper groups will cover your target trading area.

Basically there are two types of regional or local newspapers – free and paid-for papers. Free papers are mostly delivered door-to-door by a team of paper boys and girls, although some are available to pick up from the likes of train stations, newsagents and from larger shopping outlets.

Whilst ‘paid for’ papers tend to be most popular and contain a greater percentage of editorial content and more local interest news stories, advertising rates are generally higher than free papers. The strength however of free papers is they reach more homes with free door-to-door distribution and usually carry a lower advertising rate. In both free and paid for papers you will find the quality of full colour reproduction can vary from one newspaper group to another; generally this is due to the quality of newsprint so care should always be taken in the choice of imagery and colours used in your adverts.

If you are launching a new business or range of products and services, there can be considerable benefits to be had by using local press ‘advertorials’. Generally speaking these are a combination of an advert plus editorial copy that promotes your business. For example, you agree a special rate for a full page; you supply a half page advert and the paper’s editorial team put together half a page of copy about your products or services. If carefully laid out, this will have the appearance of a news article or feature (suggesting an endorsement by the paper), giving it more credibility and more likely to be read by your target audience.

Localised magazines, usually county wide monthly publications, are becoming increasingly popular with a rapidly growing readership. Advertising rates can be higher than newspapers, however, this is outweighed by the quality and appeal of the publication and its infinitely superior reproduction.

Circleline Design has more than 30 years experience and expertise in regional newspaper advertising. We will plan out, design and produce effective and eye catching campaigns that will get your products and services noticed. These can be coordinated across a variety of newspaper groups and magazines, ensuring you get the best possible advertising rates and maximum coverage for your target audience.

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